Mix Berry Nut Gelato boasts of a rich taste! Strawberries are tasty the way they are, but you can enjoy cooler, sweeter, and sourer tastes with frozen cranberries and frozen avocado.


Frozen Strawberries 150 g, Frozen Cranberries 150 g,, Frozen Avocado 100 g, Topping: Condensed milk 20 g, Topping: Sliced Almond 10 g, Topping: Cashew Nut 10 g, Topping: Honey 10 g, Topping: Cream Cheese 10 g

#TIPMix different kinds of fruits according to the texture. Prepare and slice the ingredients before freezing them for easy blending.


  1. 1.Thaw the frozen strawberries (stems removed).
  2. 2. Thaw the frozen cranberries.
  3. 3. Thaw the frozen avocado (peeled, pitted, and sliced properly).
  4. 4. Install blank strainer and put ingredients in.
  5. 5. Add toppings to the sherbet as desired.


Packed with vitamin C, which is effective for inflammation relief and skincare, the smoothie is good for your health.


1~2 persons


205 Cal


1~2 persons

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