Kuvings’ Brand Ambassadors for collaborative marketing based on various communication channels with customers

Kuvings is operating the “Global Brand Ambassador” program to expand collaborative marketing, strengthening its communication with customers.

Global home appliance brand Kuvings has been selling juicers and blenders in 89 countries around the world in collaboration with local creators in the fields of veganism, health, cooking, and fashion.

Recently, Kuvings started collaborating with creators in different countries such as Australia, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates to share information on how to live a healthy life using its flagship product, the Slow Juicer, and local-specific health juice recipes and cooking tips.

Selected Ambassadors will share various types of content on social media with Kuvings, including their own knowhow, acting as communicators between Kuvings and customers.

Kuvings is planning to collaborate with global creators to release colorful and rich content every month and to expand collaborative marketing through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

“We are focusing on strengthening online communication with customers through social media channels for our branch offices in each country,” said a Kuvings official. “We will continue to offer various types of content through different channels and provide high-quality services to ensure customer satisfaction,” he added.

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